It's the stories that connect us

Our legacy spans nearly 200 years and echos across the generations, ever-faithful to its mission school heritage of transforming lives. As a sacred place for all guests, Dwight Mission is a place where one can experience personal growth and discover life's meaning within a changing world. This experience can best be described as transforming lives through meaningful relationships.

Our Story began in 1820 as the first mission established west of the Mississippi river to serve Cherokee Indians. For nearly 100 years, Dwight Mission served the Western Cherokee and many other Native Americans by providing practical instruction, academics and religious education.

Our Story restarted in 1950 when a group of Presbyterian laymen became interested in securing the Dwight Mission grounds to be used for continuing church camps for youth. Since then, Dwight has faithfully fulfilled that dream of serving youth. Dwight's program has resulted in many of its campers responding to God's call to lay and ordained ministry.

Our Story continues into the future with a dream of  continuing to Transform Lives through Menaingful Relationships in a Sacred Place. To realize this dream Dwight will need to transform itself by developing  year-round programming that is offered on-site, off-site and online. This will require several significant projects of upgrading facilities to accomodate family camping experiences and adults attending retreats and conferences in addition to our camping programs.

Our Vision is to serve the region by providing a camp that is modern hospitable, and equipped to meet the needs of our guests.


The campaign for Dwight Mission has been designed in two phases to meet this vision.


Phase I of the Campaign centered on the Heritage Center featuring a renovation of the 1917 Old School House. The exterior renovations in Phase I include:

  • Foundation repairs

  • New roof

  • New elevator

  • New stair towers

  • New elevation for the front entrance

  • Restructuring the front wall and porch


Phase II of the Campaign will include:
1. The interior Heritage Center renovations will include:

  • Performance Space
           200-seat Auditorium Restoration

  • Heritage Space for Cultural Preservation
           Rotating Art & Artifact displays

  • Learning Space
            Two new mediated classrooms

2. Addition of adult lodging options including:

  • Tiny Homes

  • RV Sites

  • Family Camping Sites

3. Stabilization of Operations

4. Volunteer integration, Marketing, and Program Development.

Phase II Campaign Update




Architects, Engineers, Site Plan, Campaign Expenses                       $   884,000

Heritage Center Exterior                                                                         $   990,000

Contingency                                                                                               $   200,000

Reorganization                                                                                            $   200,000

PHASE I SUB TOTAL                                                                              $2,274,000



Heritage Center Interior Build-out                                                         $1,500,000

Villages for Adult Lodging                                                                         $   800,000

Annual Fund - Camp Operations                                                           $   500,000

PHASE II SUB-TOTAL                                                                           $2,800,000


REVISED CAMPAIGN GOAL 2017-2019                                        $5,074,000

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