Challenge Course

A successful challenge course uses structures made of ropes, steel cable, and wood to provide opportunities for participants to increase self-confidence while building cooperation among group members. At Dwight Mission the Challenge Course is divided into two parts that work together: the Initiative (or “low”) Course and the High Ropes Course.The Challenge Course is available by reservation for groups who want to spend time growing together. Groups may choose to experience only the Initiatives Course or both, the Initiatives and the High Courses. Your group will work with trained instructors who encourage participants to test their limits within the standards of safety. Dwight Mission recognizes that each group’s needs are unique and we will develop a program that is customized to work toward your goals.

   The Initiative Course (the “Low” Course) Success in school, success in business, success in life often depends on fostering cooperation between members of a group who may not know each other well and often come from widely varying backgrounds. How do you create a team of individuals working toward a common goal?One way to create a team and promote cooperation is to work through the Initiative Course. Success on the course does not depend on strength or speed. Instead, individuals succeed by being willing to try something new and working with others to solve problems and achieve a goal. Group members learn to interact in a supportive manner. Elements are designed to create a sense of accomplishment through cooperation. Facilitators recognize both positive and negative aspects of group dynamics, leading the group members to new discovery of how they work, communicate, and live with others.

The High Ropes Course Something happens when a person is no longer earthbound. The excitement of tackling a series of events suspended 20-40 feet in the air can be life changing! What better way to challenge yourself, push the limits, and take a controlled risk than on a supervised high ropes course? The individual participant sets a personal goal and works to achieve that goal. Other group members offer verbal support and praise. The participant succeeds by trying, not necessarily completing, the activities. Personal and group reactions to the events are shared during an evaluation session led by the course facilitator.The High Ropes Course is designed to emphasize personal growth and development. As a result, the individual becomes a stronger person and a confident team member.


  • church youth groups

  • church boards

  • nonprofit organizations

  • student organizations

  • government agencies

  • businesses

  • community groups

  • Any group that wants to grow

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