Event Policies


  • Upon arrival, your Host, Dwight Mission Staff member, will meet you and help you with any last-minute questions or concerns.  The Host will be “on call” during your event to assist you with any facility related policies. 

  • Your reservation times includes decor and vendor set up and tear down.  Please coordinate your allotted time with decorators, vendors, set up or tear down team.  Early arrivals cannot be accommodated.  Additional time must be scheduled and budgeted 30 days in advance.


  • All decorations must be free-standing or hung with removable, damage-free hooks.

  • No Staples, tape, duct tape, tacks, or nails should be used in any facility for any reason. 

  • Loose fresh flowers, petals, or berries may not be used inside any facility due to the permanent stains they can create.

  • Please exercise discretion when selecting and using candles.  Use of taper candles are prohibited.  Candles should be placed in an appropriate, heat-resistant, fire-safe container.  Also, be aware heating and air units can create drafts.

  • Please protect our furniture, linens, and facilities from candle wax and burns. 

  • If there is a burn ban under affect by Sequoyah County, no outdoor fires will be allowed.

  • No Confetti, glitter items, or fake snow indoors or outdoors.

  • Birdseed or bubbles may be used outside buildings only.

  • Fireworks are not allowed at Dwight Mission. 

  • Additional cleaning or damage fees can be assessed and then charged at the discretion of Dwight Mission directorial staff.


  • Any and all vendors must be communicated to Dwight Mission.  Including but not limited to DJ, Bakery, Florist, etc…


  • Tornado safety location: The Dwight Host will advise your group of tornado procedures if the situation is warranted.

  • For the safety of all our guests, items such as weapons, fireworks, drugs, pets, and any offensive materials are strictly prohibited at Dwight Mission. 


  • Food is only allowed to be purchased from Dwight Mission and one of our approved caterers.

    • Exceptions: wedding cakes, nuts, mints, or non-alcoholic beverages. 

  • We do not allow food in any of our lodging facilities unless the room you’ve rented has a fridge. 

  • All clear plastic plates, napkins, silverware, and cups are provided based on headcount.  

  • Dwight Mission has an ice maker.  Ice can be made available to those purchasing food from Dwight or an approved caterer.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not to be bought, sold, or served on Dwight Mission property without prior permission.

  • No persons under the age of 21 are allowed to consume alcohol by law and contract with Dwight Mission.

    • Exception: Beer and Wine can be allowed for self-serve by prior arrangement, and not hard alcohol.

  • Dwight Mission cannot and will not accept any liability for any alcohol service since that is solely the responsibility of those in charge of the event.  We urge everyone to be responsible and ask their guests to drive and behave responsibly.

  • Campfires and S’mores: Your party is solely responsible for the safety around the campfire as well as extinguishing it fully.

  • Smoking is not allowed inside any buildings or enclosed areas.  Please pick up and trash all cigarette butts.


  • Deposit: $150 Deposit and Signed Contract is required to save event date(s) and is non-refundable.

  • 1st Payment: 50% of Final Amount due 30 days prior to event.

  • Final Headcount: Required 14 days prior to event and cannot be decreased.  An increase in headcount is allowed up to 7 days in advance of event for food and lodging purposes.

  • Final Payment: Due no later than the first day of the event.

For all questions or special requests, please contact our Associate Director in the office (866) 298-1739

 (918) 775-2018   |   100995 South 4590 Road Vian, OK 74962