Answers to common questions

  1. Do you have Wifi?

    • Yes.

  2. Can individuals or families book a room at Dwight?

    • Yes, we can book you and/or your family, should you wish to bring them, in a variety of our lodging options.

  3. Is it okay to keep snacks in the dorms?

    • Unfortunately no, snacks invite unwanted guests such as mice and because we have no way of billing them you’ll have to refrain.  On the bright side, there is a refrigerator and cupboards located in the DeFriend meeting room for our guests to use.  We also have lodging options with a fridge in the room.

  4. Is food allowed in any of the lodging facilities?​

    • Yes, we have lodging options that have refrigerators.​

  5. Can I bring my pet to Dwight?

    • No.  All fur babies and otherwise are not allowed to come to camp for many reasons.

  6. Does Dwight provide linens?​

    • No we do not.  You'll need to pack​ your sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels.

  7. Is there a communion set available?​

    • Yes there is, but you will need to provide your own elements.​

For any other questions please contact our staff in the office at (918) 775-2018.

 (918) 775-2018   |   100995 South 4590 Road Vian, OK 74962