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4 Reasons Winter Weddings are Awesome

Winter weddings are becoming popular with soon-to-be-wed couples. Here are just some of the reasons you should be planning to get hitched at this beautiful time of year…

Less StressYou don't have to worry about it expense like tents as you will be inside. Taking Mother Nature out of the equation means less stress or you, your vendors, your guests and your family.

Make your money go further

Choosing a winter wedding date gives you a big bargaining chip with your suppliers. Winter tends to be a less busy time of year, so you’ll find more availability and suppliers are keen to sell their wares at this time. Look around and use the internet to see what’s on offer.

It's Something Out of the OrdinaryFrom color palette to flowers and décor, there are elements of the season to inspire your theme that will stand out. If your style is romantic, shades of winter white and lots of greenery, and if you're going for a rustic-cozy vibe (think "Cabin"), use lots of wood and deep hues.

It's the Best Time for Black TieRegardless of whether or not your entire wedding is a formal wedding (Black Tie), The wedding party will most likely be in a tuxedo or suite. You can bet you'll hear much less complaining from everyone in black tie attire when it's cold outside. Tuxedos weren't meant for outdoor ceremonies and cocktail hours in the heat of the summer, however, they are the perfect choice for indoor winter weddings, as are gowns covered in sequins.

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