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5 reasons why Fall weddings in Oklahoma are the best!

Leaves are changing, friends are available & beautiful photo opportunities are just a few reasons why having a fall wedding should never be overlooked!

If you’re deciding on whether to hold your outdoor wedding until it is a little cooler, let us tell you just a few reasons why fall weddings in Oklahoma are fabulous.

No one’s on vacation

Fall is generally a time to settle down after your summer adventures and catch up with friends. Holding a wedding in fall will mean you can expect more guests and lively conversation from your friends and family catching up after a long summer. Not to mention you will not have to work on a summer tan!


If you’ve chosen an Fall date you will know to expect cooler weather. Making indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception (or a hybrid of the two) a viable option. Your clothing choices will be far more diverse, with elegant long-sleeved dresses and full skirts an option without the fear of overheating in the Oklahoma summer sun!

Color tones

Fall foliage provides a natural and stunning backdrop to outdoor events. Bouquets, corsages and centre pieces in warm colors that accentuate beautiful seasonal tones will provide beautiful accents to your wedding photos.


Candles of any size are a great way to set a romantic mood, especially when the evening draws in. Dwight Mission has fireplaces as well as outdoor fire pits. You could even invite s'mores to to the party. Yummy


Despite its advantages, you’re likely to be in the minority with a wedding in fall, but that’s far from a bad thing. It means that prices of venues will be significantly lower than summer peek season and you don't have to book months in advance.


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