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Movie Parties on the Lawn!

Greetings parents!

As February is coming to its end we are one month closer to summer camp! If you haven’t yet, you should register your camper for summer camp! Every camper receives $50 off their registration if you sign them up before April 1st. Click HERE to register today!

Our next addition is a new twist on a new addition we made last summer. We are bringing our inflatable movie screen to the lawn! Just picture this: You, sitting on the soft green grass. Camp friends surround you. A cool summer breeze sends the scent of fresh cookies from the dining hall past you. You relax, sipping on your beverage from the canteen. All is right in the world as you watch Dory try and remember where she and Marlin are going.

Summer movies coming to a Dwight Mission near you! Each week we will be showing something different as our feature film. We are excited for the extra camp bonding time this activity will provide all campers.

Keep checking back with the Program Blog for all the latest updates about summer camp and our year-round programming!

Dylan Brumley

Program Director



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