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New Hammock Village

Greetings parents! Have you registered your child for summer camp yet? We have been working diligently to make 2018 the best summer camp in Dwight Mission’s history! We are adding tons of new camp activities that will make your camper’s week even more special. Be sure to check the program blog periodically as we release some of our newest additions to summer camp!

Our first new addition we want to tell you about is our new hammock village going up soon! The hammock village is sure to be your camper’s new favorite spot. This spot will be for all campers and guests to use for bible studies, relaxing and general small group hangout time! Campers will want to bring their own hammocks to relax or share.

Don’t have a hammock to bring? Here is a list of some more popular brands:

Eno (Eagles Nest Outfitters)

Grand Trunk

Bear Butt


Really any nylon parachute hammock will do. This hammock village does not require hammock straps to suspend themselves with.

We are so excited for the installation of our little village! Be sure to check out our FaceBook for pictures and updates as we lead up to summer camp!

Dylan Brumley

Program Director



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