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Peter R. Newbury - Retirement

Recently Peter Newbury, Camp Operations Director, has faced significant challenges related to his physical condition.

Following consultation with his wife, doctor, and counselor Peter notified Dr. Robert J. Duncan, Jr, Executive Director, of these challenges.

Over the last few weeks Rob and Peter worked together to modify some of Peter’s duties and arranged for Peter to work from home in the morning as the camp schedule permitted.

Following consultation with the Board at their Spring meeting, Rob offered Peter a Retirement/Disability package. Peter has accepted this offer and will retire on May 15, 2017. Peter is leasing his residence from Dwight during his transition to disability status. During this transition, Peter will be unable to work or consult on Dwight matters to qualify for his disability status.

The Board has expressed their appreciation for Peters dedicated service to Dwight Mission.

There are a number of events planned to recognize Peter’s dedicated service to Dwight Mission:

  1. During Family Camp we will celebrate with Peter and Lori at a dessert reception following the Saturday evening dinner.

  2. Peter and Lori will be recognized during the June Tri-Presbytery meeting.

  3. Peter and Lori will be honored at the Fall Dwight Mission Board meeting.

Peter’s new contact information:

Phone. : 918-315-9191

Email. :

 (918) 775-2018   |   100995 South 4590 Road Vian, OK 74962