Our Goals:

• To share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

• To help lay the foundation for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

• To have fun in safe, exciting, and inclusive activities.

• To provide Christ centered programs in the outdoors for all God’s children regardless of income


We strive to maintain a ratio of no more than eight (8) campers to one camp counselor while your son or daughter is at camp. A group of boys (with their male counselor) and a group of girls (with their female counselor) together make up a “family group.” It is with this group that the camper will do most camp activities. Every evening, the whole camp gathers for worship. The community that forms within the family group and within the camp as a whole is an important part of the Dwight Mission experience. Campers are expected and encouraged to be involved in all camp activities.


Our Staff

While Dwight Mission offers unique activities and a beautiful and historic location, we believe that a quality staff is the “key ingredient” to a successful and safe camp experience. The staff at Dwight Mission takes the mission of the summer camp program very seriously. The directors, counselors, specialized staff, camp medical staff, and volunteer chaplains are enthusiastic and dedicated Christians. They have been screened, selected and trained to ensure an exciting and meaningful camp experience. The staff receives 7 days of intense training at the beginning of the summer and continues with ongoing instruction throughout the program. The training equips the staff with skills that enable them to create a physically and emotionally safe environment for campers.

The Facilities

Dwight Mission has over 50 years’ experience providing quality summer programs for children and youth. The summer camp facilities include 2 large dormitories which allow for safe supervision of campers during rest time and at night, the guest lodge (where our leadership campers stay), the dining hall, the challenge course, the swimming pool and creek waterfront area, two large indoor meeting rooms, four outdoor meeting gazebos, and an open pavilion chapel. The dormitories each have 9 bedrooms on two floors with 2 bathrooms on each floor. Campers sleep in dorm bedrooms with others in their family group. Genders are separated by dormitory.

Camp allows us to step away from our day-to-day routines and focus more intently on our relationship with God, to experience Christian community, and to practice living out our spiritual values in a supportive atmosphere. Each day, campers will have the opportunity for reflection and active learning of the scripture.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our campers are monitored and maintained at all times. Camp programs are not without risk, but with careful attention to safety procedures and a mature staff, we aim to minimize that risk while still offering a fun and challenging program. Dwight Mission has a health center and a health care manager on staff. Complete medical facilities are available in Sallisaw (less than 20 minutes away from camp) and arrangements have been made for emergency response, if needed. Before your child comes to camp, a health examination by a physician is recommended, but not required.  

All campers will undergo a Health Check upon arriving at camp including a review of camper health form, simple health questions, and receive a “head check”. 

All swimming & water activities are supervised by a certified lifeguard and all campers as well as all staff are required to wear lifejackets while canoeing.

Online Registration

If you are having difficulty with online registration, please call the camp office at 918-775-2018. If you do not see a camp or program available please start by checking the “Grade” or “Age” requirements. For summer camp, please use the grade the student will be entering into in the fall.



An intentional part of the Dwight Mission program is to provide opportunities for campers to develop relationships with people from other areas and backgrounds. Group and room assignments are made before camp begins and youth from the same area are usually placed in different family groups. Campers can request one friend to room with prior to camp. Please send us a written request in conjunction with the registration. We do not put large groups together because it puts others at a disadvantage.

What grade do I sign my child up for?

Dwight Mission uses the graduation model. Your child is eligible for the grade they will be entering in the fall of 2019.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

God calls us to be in relations with all peoples. Dwight Mission takes that call and strives to include people with diverse interests, backgrounds, and abilities in all of our programs. Acceptance and participation in the program are the same for everyone. Individuals of all faiths, races, sexual orientations, creeds, genders or gender identities are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Contact with Campers

Families are encouraged to send mail to campers, but remember to write early. Send mail to the Dwight Mission address and be sure to include camper name, gender, and camp code on the front of the envelope to insure delivery. Emails to campers will be available.  Emails are printed off each day at 10am, so please send emails before this time each day. Email received after this time will be handed out the next day. Emails received after 10am on Friday may not be delivered. 

Camp Opening & Closing

Check-in is held at the Dining Hall on Sunday from 3:00-4:00pm. All campers must go through the check-in line which includes a double check on health forms and a head lice check.  The closing day of camp (check camp description for day and time) typically ends at 9:00am with a Closing Celebration that parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Typically a camp video is shown at 9:00am in the Dining Hall.  Please come and enjoy the video and Closing Celebration with your campers


Camp Fees & T-Shirts

The camp fee includes all costs for lodging, programs, and meals. Each camper will receive a camp T-shirt to commemorate his or her stay at camp. Deposits are due with registration forms and final payment is due two weeks prior to camp (which expedites camp check-in). Deposits are refundable only in cases of illness, accident, or death in a family. In addition to regular fees, during check-in campers may deposit monies into their canteen/store account for use during their stay; any remaining balance will be refunded on closing day.


After You Register

Upon receiving your registration and $50 deposit, we will send confirmation materials including a packing list and additional camp information.  These materials will be sent via the email you signed up with approximately one week prior to the camp session registered for.



Dwight Mission provides initial emergency and first aid services, as required and needed. Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the camper’s family.



We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to attend camp. If you need assistance with the fee for camp, campership funds are available through churches and Dwight Mission. Please contact your church office, pastor, session, presbytery, then Dwight Mission for campership information. The required form is available through the camp office; 918-775-2018.  The forms need to be into the camp office at least two weeks prior to camp.  The fees listed in this brochure are only a portion of the cost of our programs. We ask those who are able to consider making a contribution to the campership fund as part of their registration payment. This will allow us to offer this quality experience and make camp affordable to all.


Adventure Programs

Dwight Mission Adventure Programs are designed as an introduction to outdoor high adventure activities with a focus on providing a safe, but challenging experience of both a physical and spiritual nature. Campers will be sleeping in tents and preparing their own meals by campfire in wilderness areas or state or national parks. The trip leader/van driver will be at least 21 year of age and will have experience and special training in the focus of the camp. Dwight Mission will provide all the specialized equipment needed for these camps.


When Packing

“At camp, we intend to build a spirit of community with God and others by focusing on our faith and not our appearance.  It is the intent of Dwight Mission that staff and campers use modesty as a guide while planning what to bring to camp.”

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